• jazzinuf

Miracle of the Fishes

Jazzinuf's new album "Miracle of the Fishes" exudes dream-like feelings. His work in this album has been influenced by lo-fi hiphop beats that paints a story, focusing on the details of the color and making each beat unique with a dreamy/ambient quality. It is his favorite work of all time and expresses his artistry to the fullest.

"Miracle of the Fishes"

Above the sky lies a deep blue ocean

Colors made up of vast eternity.

Accumulating from the rejection of time.

The king of shadows blinks a colorful shade upon me.

One blink of the shadow, the forest spirals to stardust.

One blink of its color summons the miracle of the fishes.

I search in the roots of my eyes but I am still swimming.

I know not when I dream.

Childhood marbles fall from the sky

quenching my tired blistered fingers with honeydew.

Clouds of dusty old feelings

Breathes out the ozone for all floating life.

The glowing monsters slowly fade away

As the child chuckles and says today

I am everyone and neither aren’t you today.

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