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Etymology Records is a creative collective that focuses their production on instrumental hip hop music. Founded in the year 2019, Etymology’s plan is to create conceptual collaborative works with extraordinary producers from all around the world. Etymology Record’s first release was with the artist Jazzinuf, together they collaborated on the release of his 9th Album, “Miracle of the Fishes”. On Jan 1st of 2020 Etymology Records released Jazzinuf’s hit single “Soul Mates” which has gathered over 2.1 million views on Spotify within 5 months. Currently the label has 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and plans to release their first debut compilation album “Barista Beats” on May 15 2020. Barista Beats is a concept album where 18 LoFi Producers from all around the world collectively join in this album to be an "Audio Barista". Each producer creates a unique beverage and portrays it into a sound form, curating the album to become a menu within a virtual coffee house. This album will feature Rook1e, Oatmello, Sebastian Kamae, Martin $ky, Two Sleepy, Jazzinuf, BROCKBEATS and more.

Etymology musicians all have one thing in common, they all follow the formula of making timeless music. We aim to make music catering for all generations of people including the people of the far future and past. If one day there were to be a time machine and we were able to travel through time, Etymology Records will create music for the cavemen from millions of years ago and fellow martians who are thriving through the cosmos. Their goal is to make the Cavemen and the Martians feel the same vibes even if they do not know how to even speak to one another.

The Record Label got its name from the meaning behind the word “Etymology”: “The study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history”. Etymology Musicians honor the roots and origins of music and how sounds have changed over time. From the merge of African tribal music and French impressionist harmonies, Jazz was created. And with the rise of Country music, Rock was created. Later down the years, Rock married Jazz and they made a baby called Funk/Soul. Funk/Soul later down the years have given birth to two kids which were Disco and HipHop. Disco and Hiphop were very close siblings and oftentimes would collaborate but when the years of adulthood came, they had to go their separate paths. Disco and Hiphop kept following their road and oftentimes forgot to contact each other. Disco, while living in a fast paced environment, eventually met his spouse Electronic music. When Electronic music and Disco had a one night stand, they unintentionally gave birth to House music. Both Hiphop and House look up to Grandfather Jazz and oftentimes wears his wardrobe because it is the new hip wave of fashion, similar to the fashion one might be able to find in a vintage thrift store. From wearing those clothes, HipHop and House has a window of opportunity to create timeless music. Etymology Records is a bridge to help Hiphop and House to reconnect back with their ancestors, grandpa Jazz and possibly reunite other genres back to their roots.

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