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Our third compilation album is coming this August 2021



Botanicalia is Etymology Record’s 3rd compilation album featuring the most authentic lofi pioneers like Saib (1.89Million ML), Odyssee (1.14Million ML), Jinsang (1.5M ML) Jazzinuf (1.5M ML), Sebastian Kamae (1M ML), and many more. What is Botanicalia? In the 70’s there was a Brazilian musical movement called “Tropicalia” where Bossa Nova merged with the genre “Rock” and a new cultural revolution took place in the heart of Brazil. When artists like the Beatles were on the rise in America, traditional Brazilian Bossa Nova artists inherited this genre and made it into its own unique form of art. Similar to this approach, Etymology bridges Tropicalia and Botanicalia, in which the music is influenced by Bossatique moods. The album itself is an audio botanical garden, in which each track represents a special botanical plant/flower.

Ear Warmers

Our second compilation album is now live. 2020 has been an especially hard year for everyone. Our goal is to bring this upcoming winter as warm and comfortable as possible through the power of music.

ear warmers v3 wt (1).jpg

Barista Beats

Barista Beats is our first compilation album featuring 20 producers as an audio barista. Each producer has taken the journey to create a unique beverage of their choice, making it into a sonic form. Coffee Lab of beats by well crafted producers.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 7.07.33 PM.png

Miracle of the Fishes

Released Nov 8, 2019

We proudly present to you Jazzinuf's 9th album: Miracle of the Fishes. Kills Anxiety immediately.

Good Daze Cover.jpg

Good Daze

Released Dec 6th 2019

Jazzinuf's first official collaboration with the LA super soulful vocalist and model Shanin Blake. Perfect for the a cold snowy day, chilling next to a radiator with a cup of Cappuccino..

Soul Mates 2=3 (1).jpg

Soul Mates

Featured on Lo-Fi Vibes

Jazzinuf's first single of 2020

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